Investment Philosophy

We believe that letting decades of peer-reviewed financial research guide our recommendations is a much better way to invest.

Our investment philosophy is based on over 50 years of peer-reviewed academic research. This Nobel Prize winning research shows us that capital markets are efficient, especially in today’s information age, and that risk and reward go hand in hand. We also focus a great deal of attention on minimizing costs and taxes. As Certified Public Accountants and Certified Financial Planner Practitioners, we are uniquely qualified to manage client portfolios in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner.

Because both domestic and international markets are efficient, economic information is readily absorbed and integrated into the market. This phenomenon results in security valuations that are based on the collective knowledge of all market participants which greatly reduces the probability that individuals can actively identify AHEAD OF TIME investments that are undervalued by the market. We believe that it is not prudent for an investor to incur the time and expense necessary to engage in active investment management or to assume that they can select a money manager who can consistently “outperform” the market on a risk-adjusted basis. 


Science of Investing

Have you ever heard the old adage “no risk no reward”? Academic research and historical data show that this is true in investing. However, not all types of risk produce equal reward which makes risk management extremely important when designing and implementing an investment strategy. We go to great lengths to educate our clients about risk, to understand their unique ability, need and willingness to take risk, to ensure that our clients only accept those risks which have historically paid a premium in the market and to develop a plan in which our clients take on the least amount of risk possible in order to achieve their financial goals.

We don't spend our time searching for needles in a haystack. We buy the entire haystack.