Buckingham Weekly Perspectives | August 10, 2022

Aug 11, 2022

Larry Swedroe economic brief all eyes on inflation

Like many advisors, Jared Siegel, Partner at Delap Wealth Advisory, was spending too much time in the back office. Instead of improving the value proposition of his firm, he was managing trading, refining the financial planning process and focusing on the tasks that took his attention away from his clients and the opportunity to build his client roster.

After hearing a podcast by Buckingham’s Head of Planning, Michael Kitces, featuring advisor Dan Goldie, Jared was inspired to begin his journey in partnering with Buckingham. Now is your time to learn how working with Buckingham can kick off your next chapter of your firm’s journey.

In this webinar, Alex Potts and I sit down with Jared as he shares his first-hand experience working with the Buckingham team. He explains how our personalized offerings have grown his firm, developed his professional “swagger” and helped him to better handle difficult conversations. Plus, learn how he worked with Buckingham’s Advanced Planning Advisor Ernest Clark to build a roster of high-net-worth and complex clients.

We also cover:

  • The cost of partnering with Buckingham, the tiering schedule and fee flexibility
  • Buckingham’s models of fund families
  • The flexibility of Buckingham’s strategies
  • The use of custom QDIAs and the role of Buckingham’s Retirement Team
  • Buckingham’s Advanced Planning Team’s role in preparing for the sale of a business
  • And more!

Learn more about how Buckingham can help you devote more attention to your clients and less time to mid- and back-office tasks then reach out to schedule an exploratory conversation.


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